About Us

The “Lizin” experimental-commercial factory was one of the primer biotechnological organizations in USSR. It was the only producer of L-lysine in the Republic of Armenia. The capacity of the factory was 1000 tons per year of crystallized lysine.

The main portion of the necessary resources for production of crystallized lysine was imported through railroads and the ready products were exported to the other countries of USSR. Due to the energetic and resource crisis that was caused by the disintegration of USSR the factory had to abruptly reduce its productivity. In 1993 the organization totally terminated the production activity.

Nowadays, after numerous technological reconstructions the “Lizin” OJSC was re-establish based on the biotechnological line of the L- lysine that was converted into pharmaceutical facility. Medical alcohol (ethanol) is the major product, although “Lizin” OJSC is also producing cosmetic lotions / sanitizers, under brand name “Antibacter Alco”. Moreover R&D team is developing new products in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, organic fertilizers, food supplement and scientific reagent fields.


Recently, organic nitrogen fertilizers were introduced by “Lizin” OJSC under the brand “N-bakter” – cooperative project with Australian partners.

“Lizin” OJSC constructed cutting edge infrastructures, such are cold (climate controlled) storage (“Chilled fruits”) and pharmaceutical (“Medical”) – controlled air storage.